Friday, March 5, 2010

Whole Grain No Knead Bread


I used the same recipe for the white no knead bread to make a whole grain version. I used 2 cups of unbleached (white) wheat flour and then used rye, whole wheat and brown rice flour as well as seeds (flax, sesame, poppy) to make up the remaining 3.5 cups. The dough was pretty sticky for some reason, and I had to add more and more flour to fix that. Next time, I should use more white flour from the start.


I made two versions--one slow rising dough (Bittman's. It takes 12 hours to rise, omg) and the quick rise dough from before. I sprinkled seeds directly on top of the quick rising bread, which made it even more delicious. BUT, I forgot to put corn meal on the bottom of the pot, so it stuck and then broke. sad. Trial and error.


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  1. try also combining the dry ingredients in a food processor, then adding water over about 30 seconds until it forms a ball. it kind of kneads the bread for you. it's really easy & fast, i made a million pizza doughs this way.
    - Claire Botte